Airtel Product Management Interview Questions.

In this post, we share insights from Nishu, an Airtribe alumnus, who successfully landed a Senior Product Manager role at Airtel. Gain valuable tips and perspectives from her interview experiences, particularly helpful for those in the midst of job interviews

How to crack a Product Management role at Airtel

Q: Nishu, how did you discover this opportunity at Airtel?

Nishu: My job search included platforms like LinkedIn, Instahyre, Naukri, and getting referrals from friends. It was on LinkedIn where I came across the opportunity at Airtel.

Q: Can you share your strategy for preparing for the interview?

Nishu: I leveraged Airtribe’s Product Management Launchpad to solidify my foundational knowledge. Additionally, I participated in mock interviews through Stellar Peers and Airtribe, and also used Exponent as a resource for my interview preparation.

Q: How many interview rounds were there?

Nishu: Apart from an HR round, I underwent three major interviews. The first round was focused on my past experiences and product thinking, including scenarios like assessing a city's happiness quotient and a Netflix-based root cause analysis. The second round was centered around Product Thinking and System Design. The final round was a behavioral assessment based on my past experiences, complemented by an assignment related to an ongoing product within the Airtel ecosystem.

Q: What skills do you consider essential for a Product Manager in an interview setting?

Nishu: Problem-solving and structured thinking are key. Additionally, skills in stakeholder management, negotiation, and staying abreast of market trends are important.

Tips for Aspiring Product Managers by Nishu

  1. Focus on Problem-Solving and Articulation: Sharpen your ability to dissect problems and articulate solutions.
  2. Practice Regularly: This improves your skills and prepares you for various scenarios.
  3. Participate in Mock Interviews: They are critical for self-improvement and gaining confidence.
  4. Be Patient and Persistent: Remember that skills mature over time and companies have diverse evaluation criteria. Staying motivated and patient is essential, particularly in the current market scenario.

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